Review: Sony Xperia Z3+ Dual

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Review: Sony Xperia Z3+ Dual

Here comes another excellent smartphone from Sony. The Xperia Z3+ has been an outstanding smartphone among all and it has got all the elegant features with a 30 Megapixel camera. The series started in 2013 with Xperia Z and then onwards the super edgy Z series smartphones have been coming up with great updates one after another.

This one is also one of the best Android smartphones that have been launched in the market and it really deserves a five star rating among all. The excellent style of the mobile and the great display and the other enhanced features has made it even competitive to the high end Galaxy smartphones of Samsung that are available at that price range.

Performance of the Sony smartphones usually has good reports. This smartphone is all ready to get a better impression than all the other smartphones. The major change in the Z3+ Dual has been the alteration of the 810 SOC Snapdragon.  The LTE Cat inclusion in the smartphone has made it even better as compared to the other high end smartphones from Samsung for instance.

This much hardware acceleration was quite expected from a new release of Sony and thus is not a much surprising fact for the mobile world. However the base storage of the smartphone that is extended till 16 GB is an extraordinary feature and in fact is a rare option among all the Android smartphones.

The extended memory support in the latest set has been increased to 32 GB for the Z3+ and that is a real amusement for all the android users. The snapper of the set is also stunning and that goes till 5.1. Battery capacity of the set is a USP for sure as the 3100 mAh support of the battery is going to make the smartphone long for quite a long time.

The back and the main camera of the device is 30 MP and that is surely a great support in the package. The thickness of the device is 6.9 mm and thus you are going to get one of the sleekest smartphones available in the Android world.

The Z3+ Dual comes with an excellent display and that is almost 5.2-inches. This is a fabulous inclusion and you can get the best display now in your Android phone. There are two unique features in the smartphone and that is the LED flash and the 2160 pixel video recording.

This is a feature that is not even available in the Samsung smartphones of the similar price range. The 3GB RAM in the device is another top feature that is going to make the set excellently designed. Cap less USB mode in the set is going to be an additional feature.

The overall performance of the Sony Xperial Z3+ Dual has been really satisfactory and that is a strong feature in the smartphone, too. So get the best ever Sony smartphone yet, that has been outstanding with the music experiences naturally and remain at the top on the list of the tech savvy users.

Price: AED 1799 approx.