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du’s Wellness app is now available on Apple Store

du has announced the launch of the new du Wellness app – a fitness companion that tracks progress, measures daily activities, monitors calorie intake and more. The du Wellness app, launched as a new phase of the company’s Every Step Counts campaign, is available now for free at the Apple App Store in both English and Arabic, with a comprehensive, easy to use dashboard and the ability to store data in du’s cloud. The launch of the app is du’s gift to the UAE as a New year’s resolution for a healthier new year with!

The du Wellness app helps making the next step to  health and fitness goals easier than ever before. It tracks activity level with a built in pedometer, which can be synchronized with popular fitness devices such as Jawbone or Fitbit . So users will know that they have walked the day’s recommended number of steps, and how much progress they have made in total.

The du Wellness app also helps users measure their daily calory intake , to ensure they’re consuming the right amount and quality of food. All users have to do is choose the nutrition option from within the app to find out their daily total.

It also makes living healthy a fun and challenging activity by allowing users to compete with their friends! By connecting with family and friends through popular social media platforms, users can see how they well they’re staying on track towards their health goals  while sharing their own successes with others.

Speaking on the launch of the du Wellness app, Hala Badri, Executive Vice President, Brand and Communications, du, said: “With a new year round the corner, now is a perfect time for everyone to review and plan the year ahead in terms of healthier living. Our new app brings people together with the objective of improving fitness levels throughout the UAE, the region and beyond, unifying them at a personal level through their passion to live a healthier life fueled by positive energy. It is the natural evolution of our Every Step Counts campaign – now well-being is more mobile than ever! We are proud to be the first telecommunications company in the region to launch an app of this kind, partnering with well-known global brands in the fitness space. We hope that this New Year Gift to the UAE becomes a  a true representation  of our forward-thinking efforts towards achieving sustainability in the UAE.”

iOS users can join the movement by downloading the Every Step Counts app from the App Store. An Android version will follow, along with more features as the Every Step Counts app evolves into a multifaceted ecosystem that provides an immersive well-being experience.

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