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Review: ZOTAC ZBOX PI320

Zotac Zbox PI320 is a tiny computer which obviously does not seem like one. At a dimension of 115.5 x 66 x 19.2mm, it resembles a smartphone with some extra thickness. It is undoubtedly a product that will shatter your idea of what you could have imagined as being physically feasible.

An entirely new product category had to be named for this device. The little box is actually a fully functional PC with most of the features like motherboard, RAM, SSD, processor and Wi-Fi. All you need to do is to connect with a screen and start using a Windows 8 PC.

Thanks to the advances in hardware technology, developing PCs of this smaller magnitude has become possible. Secondly, the new software licensing dynamics have made the device quite an affordable one.

In terms of design, this PC is a revolutionary one. Zotac has been known to be selling compact PCs for quite some time now, but Zotac Zbox PI320 has implemented latest advances in hardware and incorporated them to make this PC. Its dimension is 115.5 x 66 x 19.2mm which no larger than a smartphone.

Compared to a laptop, it is approximately one tenth of an average sized laptop. The portability of this Pocket PC can be judged from the fact that it can be tossed inside your backpack in seconds when in emergency. The ZBOX Pico has no vents and cooling mechanism and is passively cooled.

The absence of the cooling fans makes the PC completely silent achieving yet another feat. The top of the device is flat and the bottom part is composed of shiny black plastic. Around the edges, a silver strips run in continuation. There is no branding on the device except for a hidden logo of Zotac.


In addition to a ravishing compact design which has the potential of impressing the worst of critiques, the PC offers some great features. The processor in the PC from Zotac is an Intel Atom Z3735F, based on the Bay Trail architecture. This quad core processor is clocked at 1.33GHz with a maximum frequency of 1.83GHz which is achieved in bursts.

2.2W power rating ensures that very low amount of heat is generated. Intel HD Graphics is integrated in the device. On the memory front, the PC has 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage achieved by an MMC card. The memory can however be upgraded to 128 GB. Zotac ZBOX PI320 comes pre-installed with Windows 8.1.

What more can you ask for in a full blown PC, available at a price tag of AED 800 in the UAE? The device is also decent when it comes to performance, which makes it a great buy.

If portability is what excites you, this revolutionary small PC is just for you. However, the processor limitation can prevent you from graphics intensive tasks or the one which require high amount of RAM.

Price: AED 800

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