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Review: Mozyhome Cloud Storage

Everyone keeps a lot of data on the PC or Mac, which must not be lost or breached by anyone. To safeguard the data from being lost, it is important to have a backup of all the important data. Online backup service comes in handy in such situations. The most important consideration is, however, the safety and security of the data.

The Mozyhome online backup service will keep your data safe with military grade encryption. Also, you can schedule your backup which takes away from the need to do manual backups. There are various other features that make Mozyhome a good alternative for online backup, but how it fares against rivals like Skydrive, Google drive and others is a point of debate.

Mozyhome comes with two versions-paid and free with the only difference in the amount of storage available. You can backup 2 GB of data in the free version. In the paid version, you can get options that you can choose from. The plan of $ 5.99 per month allows to backup a total of 50 GB per month and the $9.99 plan gives you a total backup capacity of 125 GB per month.

That does not look like much storage, considering the laptops that come with an average capacity of half a TB. This is so because, Mozyhome is very selective in what it backs up. If you use the default settings, you will not be able to backup applications and system files. Automatic backup, however, is a great feature which the online backup service provider offers.

Mozyhome lets you control the backup scheduling and also allocate the amount of bandwidth to your backup process. A bandwidth throttle is provided which can be used for this purpose. It is also possible to schedule on which days of the week and the time when the back process will start. Therefore, you can schedule the backup at a time when you do not normally use the computer.

The application is quite a breeze to install in your computer. You can simply choose the OS type and download the program. If you aren’t going to rest with the free version, you can go for the billing process which takes minutes to get over. When you first run the program, your system is scanned for the files and Mozyhome presents you the file which it thinks should be backed up. The amount of storage required and number of files of one type is displayed along with the files. Performing everything on Mozyhome is a cakewalk and hence it gets full mark on performance.

Mozyhome is a decent option if security and strong backup capabilities are your top priorities. However, it has to come a long way to compete with other options that are available. Military level encryption, automatic backup and bandwidth allocation are some of the features that work in the advantage of the application. Few deterrents are no progress indicator, selective file backup and inability to share the files.

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