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Review: Grand Theft Auto V

The only complaint, the users of the previous version of the game had that it has no end game. This time around, the issue seems to have been resolved. In Grand Theft Auto 4, Nicco had little to do once the last score was settled. The latest version is a welcome change in that regard. The location of the game is the king in this game.

Set in the city of Los Santos, there is an incredibly large number of things to do in the game now. The speed with which you cruise through the mountains and terrains, it does not seem like a large open world. Furthermore, you have a lot to steal and buy and other thrills that will surely set the pulse racing. Random events will be thrown in, which the users are bound to enjoy.

The building of the narrative of the world is still there with every street and road having their own stories. The geography of Los Angeles has been used in the game while making it more exciting and thrilling. Activities like skydiving and trash driving have been packed in the game to add new dimensions.

The landmarks that you will see in the games have been lifted from the real world. In the game, you can participate in different races, play tennis, hold up shops and make an attempt to legalize marijuana. There are several other things that you can do in the game.

The gag writers this time have incorporated a lot about contemporary things like smartphones, social media, self-help gurus and much more. All you have to do is to cruise around the streets and indulge in all sorts of things which are weird, illegal and unethical. The obsession of the game with sex and crime is intact with added dimension.

This time around GTA has three main characters, each with a history and certain goals. The first one, named Michael is a retired bank robber who has a family of a bunch of sleazebags. The other one called Franklin is a black man with great curiosity and a best friend who wants to become a criminal.

The third character who appears later is a bad guy who goes on a killing spree with no reasons. You will like Franklin the most as he is more sensitive and sympathetic. All the three characters plan a heist and this how the narrative moves on. The users can switch between any of them at any time.

You can find one cycling on the street and the other one walking along the rocks. The transition is instant as the camera zooms to their locations and pans to find them.

The physics of the game has been improved and the bouncy suspension has been done away with. The cars and the bikes now run smoothly. The best part of the game is when the three characters start with their adventurous and span story missions. GTA V is great in terms of graphics and game play. The narrative makes it even more engaging. A must have for game buffs.

Price: AED 300 approx.

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