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EditorsChoiceSunset Overdrive is best described as an open world third person shooter with hints of comedic overtones, making it an enjoyable game that makes investing in an Xbox-One console worth it. With high ratings from every major gaming review site on the internet, Insomniac Games have created a masterpiece. The erratic and often hilarious gameplay keeps you engaged and makes for a thrilling time.

The game is set in a not so distant future. The year is 2027 and you play the role of a character who must survive in a world that is run over by crazy mutants who formed from drinking a soda beverage. FizzCo is the company which makes these beverages and you play as an employee of this company. At your disposal are an impressive range of weapons and some amazing abilities. You can wall-run, and use things like a zip-line and grind rail to move about the city in speed.

Playing in an open world means that you get to go a lot of places and simply pick up adventures wherever you find them. It gives you the freedom to roam around and do all kinds of crazy things. In fact, one of the biggest challenges that you will face while playing Sunset Overdrive is staying on the course which takes you towards your next mission.

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The graphics are stunning and the visuals are really gorgeous. The game fills you up with an adrenaline rush as you desperately try to navigate this wild and crazy world. The game does away with a lot of constrictions, which annoy gamers in a post-apocalyptic themed game, giving them a free rein to do anything they please. Combined with the artistic brilliance that the game offers, this is certainly one of the most fun open world games I have played in a long time.

Playing the game is so much fun that you will find it hard to keep track of time. While there is a mission of sorts to follow, Insomniac Games make the entire journey so much fun that at no point do you feel that the gameplay is being forced. The character that you play can interact with practically anything inside the game world, jumping off objects and leaping over the monsters. The game, in fact encourages you to wall-run and slide over zip-lines by making the act of walking on normal ground painfully slow.

Killing the beverage fueled monsters is also such an incredible rush. You can literally blow them apart using your weapons and witness their body splashed all over the place. A weapon that let you fire off a volley of fireworks that is simply magnificent to watch are a unique delight as well!

You absolutely need to buy this game as soon as you can! It is an XBOX-One only title so if you do not already have the console, it is high time that you bought one, if only for this game. Sunset Overdrive is THAT good!

Price: AED 179 Approx.

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