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Review: Sennheiser Urbanite

Sennheiser is out with its lifestyle headphones range called the Urbanite. With these headphones, Sennheiser is taking the lifestyle angle of the headphones to the next level. It all started with the launch of Momentum series and is being taken further with Urbanite On Ear headphones. The more utilitarian approach has been followed with Urbanite On Ear with foldable headband and sharper design. The quality of the sound has been tweaked a bit to match the taste of the audience the product aims to target.

On the design front, the headphone is quite impressive. The headgear is foldable as both the speakers are fixed with a hinge that folds inside making it easy to carry. Be careful while unfolding as you might hurt your finger if it comes between the hinge. Urbanite Ear on comes in several color options all of which are subdued, giving it a classier feel.

Padding on the headband would have made it more comfortable. Also, there is no ¼ adaptor included with the earphones, so you may not be able to connect it to few devices. The finish of the product has to be seen to believe. The precision stitching on the headband and the right blend of high-quality plastic and metal are some of the highlights of the design which is truly arresting.

The removable cable that comes with it is tangle resistant and looks quite robust. On the wire, is the microphone and volume rocker buttons. The ear pads are cushiony and velvety which make them utmost comfortable on the ears.

Moving on to the sound, the Urbanite is a winner hands on. There are various specialties of the sound quality. Firstly, the bass boost is exceptional coupled with an incredibly detailed treble and midrange. The sound quality is quite dynamic and it clearly shows the kind of research Sennheiser has carried out to produce such impeccable sound experience.

The stereo effects and soundstaging are engaging. The headphone works like a charm on all the devices, including the latest smartphones and iPhones. Whether you are listening to CDs or iTunes, you will get a sound effect which is equally appealing. Of course, what steals the show is the bass of the headphone. It will leave an impact which is not pummeling but responsive. Urbanite from Sennheiser also has a microphone which is best in class with excellent noise cancellation features.

There is no denying the fact that the sound quality as well as the looks is great, but the bass sound that the headphone delivers may not be liked by all. It is a party for the ears of younger audience who loves the bass and treble in the music. This may limit the users that this product would be able to enjoy. Apart from this issue, nothing seems against the Urbanite range of Sennheiser. If you are looking for a lifestyle headphone which is at the same time, high on sound quality and aesthetics, go for the buy.

Price: AED 735

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