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New Philips USB Docking Monitor

Philips Monitors, today announced yet another innovative product from their stable with the launch of 21.5-inch Philips USB Docking Monitor bringing greater connectivity choices, simplicity and extra screen space to more office desktops than ever.

With its advanced USB plug-and-play and Ethernet connection, the 221S6QUMB USB Docking Monitor enables notebook users to keep their peripherals connected, access the Internet or office intranet, and enjoy additional display space – with brilliant clarity and vivid colors. All by plugging in a single USB cable.

Unlike conventional portal replicators or docking stations, which introduce extra hardware and cables to the desktop, the Philips USB Docking Monitor already has extensive connectivity options built in, which users can access simply by connecting their notebook via a standard USB cable.With its integrated Ethernet, the display also provides plug-in access to the Internet or company intranet, eliminating the dedicated cable that would otherwise be needed.

By docking the notebook to the display, users also gain extra screen real estate to work with. That means more space to spread out when running multiple applications simultaneously. It also delivers an enhanced, wide-angle viewing experience with brilliant, sharp color reproduction, making it ideal for applications demanding color accuracy and consistent brightness.

The new USB Docking Monitor is spec’ed to reduce the strain on users who spend hours at their display every day. The monitor features Philips Flicker-Free technology to regulate brightness and reduce flicker for more comfortable viewing. The low bezel-to-table height makes the display perfect for users who wear bifocals, trifocals or progressive lens glasses. And with the SmartErgoBase, users can tilt, swivel and rotate the display to exactly the position they prefer, which helps ease the physical strains of a long workday.

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