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Review: Sennheiser RS 175

Sennheiser is a German electronics company which is famed for manufacturing high quality and innovative audio devices. The company is one of the leading players in the creation of headphones and earphones. Sennheiser RS 175 is the latest headphone launch of the company, which has already gained popularity with its quality.

If you are searching for a headphone, which is lightweight and still offer a great sound, then Sennheiser RS 175 is the right choice. It has an ability to play music in both wired and wireless modes. The design of the device is better than the basic headphones, but stylish as many of its rivals. Its simple design and good sound quality make it a one of the best choices in the market.

It is a home theatre focused headphone that is compared with other high quality Bluetooth headphones. The headphone features with a recharging stand and a transmitter that allows both digital and analog inputs. The sound quality is brilliant with bright highs and rich lows and there is also the ability of adding more bass. You can change to sound effect mode between movies to television to have a desired sound quality.

The headphone is dressed completely in a black outfit. It features with well cushioned ear pads to offer utmost comfort to the users while wearing it. The headband’s area is divided into two in order to clear an area for a charging point. On the outer portion of the right ear cup, there are volume control buttons, controls for bass adjustment and surround settings.

The LED indicator and power button are located alongside the ear cup. The headphone runs on two AAA rechargeable batteries, which are hidden behind the twist of each ear pad. When you set the headband at the pot of the charging dock, it starts charging automatically. The estimated battery life is estimated to be 18 hours, but is largely depends on the volume control options you use.

The transmitter is also simply designed, it is like an upright tower that holds the headphone at its top. It also features with buttons for bass and surround modes. On the front panel there is a status LED, while at the back there is an optical input which allows you to connect digital audio from your home theatre system and there is also a 3.5 mm analog input that allows you to connect it to your mobile device and computer.

There are two setting in Sennheiser RS 175, which are Bass mode (off/on) and Surround mode (off/on). The quality of the sound offered by the device, but can be a bit thin at times without Bass mode on. When the bass mode is on, the sound offered is lively and rich. Depending upon your mood and choice, you can also change the sound effect from theatre to television mode and vice versa.

It is a perfect choice for those who wish to use the same headphone with home theatre as well as mobile phones. The sound offered by the headphone is clear and lively.

Price: AED 1030 approx.

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