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Review: Endomondo (iPhone)

The advancement in the technology in each and every sphere has led to the development of a lot of innovative smart apps, making the life of the humans effortless. It is now even possible to track your fitness level, through your smartphones. There is a wide range of fitness apps that help the cyclists, racers, runners and other outdoor sports enthusiasts.

Endomondo has been a recently evolved app with some fantastic and surprising features which has not only made the fitness training easier but also provides all the minute details of it making the workout efficient and also exciting. Walking and running are the two most popular ways to stay fit. There are several fitness monitoring iPhone apps, but Endomondo is a pro when it comes to monitor the fitness level.

The app can track your distance, pace, route, speed and much more. Available for free, but limited options, go for a premium subscription. The app is available for free, but the free version does not come with all superb functionalities. Without paying you can get a basic idea about your fitness such as calories burned, distance, speed, duration and your mapped route, but you cannot compare the previous results with the recent ones.

The free version also does not allow you to get access to any training plans or coaching. In order to utilize the full advantage of the app, you will have to purchase the its full version for $5.99 per month, while the annual subscription is of $29.99. In comparison to the Strava app for the runners and cyclists, Endomondo’s annual subscription is much cheaper, as the Strava comes with an annual subscription of $59.

The premium members of the app get much more detailed information about their fitness levels. The premium version also offers coaching tips and training plans that can be helpful to meet your fitness goals. The app features with a delayed start feature that allows you to keep the phone in your pocket after you have set the timer before running or cycling.

This feature is available in both free as well as premium versions. The GPS connectivity of the app is similar to the Map My Run and Runtastic, offering you to track your whereabouts. Enable the auto pause option and make sure that the app is paused when you are at the red light or tying the shoelaces during your run. But, there is a major drawback that is auto pause is automatically enabled when your iPhone loses its GPS signal, thus it does not track your fitness when you are running in a tunnel or any other place where here is no GPS signal.

With the use of this app you can also measure your heart rate with ANT+ and zephyr heart rate monitors. The app also comes with an audio coaching that allows you to have a real time information about your run via headphones. The annual subscription plan is a better deal than the monthly subscription. Endomondo is an amazing outdoor activity tracking app for the runners and cyclists who wish to keep an eye on their physical fitness levels.

Price: Free, $5.99 per month (for premium)

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