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Protect your eyes with Philips monitor

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Philips Monitors, is rolling out brand new displays for home and business users featuring innovative SoftBlue technology. SoftBlue protects eyes and reduces eye fatigue by mitigating the impact of blue-light exposure, but without sacrificing the fidelity and quality of the original color. Users therefore enjoy wellbeing for their eyes as well as professional-grade color fidelity.

The new displays with Philips SoftBlue technology take a refreshingly different approach to the challenge of removing harmful blue light. In contrast with filter-based methods – a glass in front of the screen or anti-blue light spectacles – they retain the fidelity of the original color. Filter-based solutions tinge colors with yellow. At best, this detracts from the viewing experience; at worst – in applications such as medical imaging that rely on color fidelity – it renders the display useless.

Philips 227E6EDSDSoftBlue displays, on the other hand, mitigate the impact of blue-light exposure at source and reduces the potentially detrimental blue light by over 90%, without sacrificing the fidelity and quality of the original color. Users therefore benefit from accustomed picture quality, brightness and color fidelity, and enjoy well-being for their eyes as well.

Apart from the standout feature of SoftBlue technology, all five new displays pack an impressive set of features for maximum display performance. Equal to the challenges of both home and professional applications, they are all equipped with IPS-ADS panels for extra-wide 178-degree viewing angles with crisp images and vivid colors, 16:9 Full HD quality at a resolution of 1920 x 1080, and built-in stereo speakers to complement easy viewing with a great sound experience.

The E-Line displays for home users, available in 21.5-inch, 23.6-inch and 27-inch sizes, have an elegant slim design with touch controls to fit in with the home décor. And, the two P-Line displays, in 21.5-inch and 23.8-inch versions, are designed with busy professionals in mind.

In these displays, SoftBlue is complemented by another exclusive Philips technology to lessen eye fatigue: Philips Flicker-Free Technology regulates brightness and reduces flicker for more comfortable viewing.

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