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Review: Apple iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case

The Smart Battery Case for the new iPhone 6s is customized according to the specification of the phone and the engineering of the product has been particularly done for extending the battery life and for the protection of the phone which is the primary purpose.

The great outlook of the product has come from the silicon material which is been used on the exterior part of the case. The product is designed by Apple and is available in the Apple store online for $99 which includes free shipment of the product.

The Battery case is designed in an odd and rare shape which proves to be very useful for various reasons. The upper side of the case is kept slim so that you can easily put the phone inside the case or take it out without much hassle. To fit the iPhone 6s in the docks the bottom of the case is kept thin.

The case has proper pass-through for ear phones and the lightning area. The case perfectly fits any kind of hand and it is sleek and shiny because of the silicon that has been used in the making of this case and is comfortable also. The case of the iPhone 6s normally doesn’t slip out of the hand providing protection from the accidental tripping of the phone and damages thereby.

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There are 2 colours available for the case one is white and another one is blackish grey. The cases have a port for the lightning plug-in cable which is used for the charging of the phone rather than charging through the USB port. These lightning cables are only supported by the Apple products and not by any other devices and are costly too but the benefit is that they rightly fit into the powered docks. When the phone is charging the Battery Case is also getting charged. So you don’t need any extra time to charge the case.

There is a single light inside the case which turns orange when the case is being charged and it turns green when your case is fully charged but this light can only be noticed or checked when the case is not having the phone. When you have the phone inside the case you can check it in the notification panel of the phone.

The additional battery in the smart case has a capacity of 1877 mAh which can charge your phone with which the battery extends for 3 hours and 23 minutes more than the ordinary charging of the phone and it has been checked in the extreme tests for the battery. During this extended time you can easily stream high quality videos too. Though for the similarly priced battery cases, the extended hours are more so this is kind of a fallback for this case.

If one wants to go for a classy Apple battery case for the iPhone 6s then he or she might go for this product as it can be installed easily and also protects your phone while the extended battery is good to go with while you are stretching your day long at work.

Price: $99

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