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Review: Panasonic GX85

The Panasonic GX85 is a pretty good option for first time buyers who don’t want to invest in a proper DSLR. Despite being just a little pricey, the Panasonic GX85 offers some interesting features. The compact body is quite sturdy. The 16-megapixel sensor comes without any sort of anti-aliasing filter which enables the sensor to click detailed images.

The GX85 is basically a toned down version of the GX8. However, the GX85 delivers in some areas where the GX8 failed to make a mark. The absence of a tilting viewfinder is compensated by a highly detailed electronic viewfinder. The resolution of the sensor in the GX85 is 2,764,000-dot which is higher than the GX8 which features a resolution of 2,360,000 dots.

Like the GX8, the GX85 also features the 4K video and photo modes. A 4K video recorded at 30 frames per second can be used to extract a still image with a resolution of 8-megapixels. The 5-axis dual IS provides for amazing image stabilization as the sensor and lens work in sync with each other.

The 5-axis dual IS differs from the normal dual IS in the fact that the former provides corrections in all five axes. The camera offers various autofocus modes including the ones like tracking, face or eye detection, 1-area, pinpoint and custom multi. The auto ISO offered in the GX85 provides limited functionality as the user cannot manually tamper with the shutter speed. That being said, the sensitivity lies in the range of ISO200 to 25,600.

The GX85 offers a ton of options when it comes to selecting a custom mode. To be exact, there are 24 modes based on scenes and 22 additional filters that can be applied. Stop motion animation and time-lapse can also be used with the GX85. This device also features internet connectivity via WiFi which makes it possible to transfer captured images and videos on-the-go.

The Gx85 is compact in size and weighs about 426 grams without the addition of an external lens. However, the weight increase is not much even after inserting the 12-32mm kit lens. The plastic body doesn’t feel cheap or tawdry. The leather finish gives the GX85 a very muscular look. The texture is not as well pronounced as it should have been. Anyways, the difference is only noticeable while using larger lenses.

The position of the shutter button is perfect and the amount of pressure needed to click an image feels just right! The dial placed close to the shutter button enables the user to access various camera options and make customizations. The dial that surrounds the shutter button can be used to change the menu items, aperture and shutter speed. The 1,040,000-dot tilt screen is a very welcome addition in the GX85. The 3 inch-touchscreen is easy to use, clearly visible even in bright sunlight and also quite responsive.

Ignoring some ergonomic issues, the GX85 offers a great shooting experience. The huge variety of creative filters, the efficient 5-axis dual IS and different exposure options make it an absolute joy to capture images or videos with the GX85. The automatic white balance does make the color temperature cool, but it does balance the overall tone of the image. Even the autofocus does not disappoint.

It is highly accurate and can also handle moving objects quite effectively. While using the manual focus, the focus assist proves useful. The sensor handles noise in a very impressive manner. Luminance noise is noticeable only when the image stability is set to ISO3200 or higher. The 12-32mm kit lens does not match the performance level of professional lenses, but it doesn’t disappoint either.

The price is definitely a bit higher when compared to its competitors. However, the GX85 is undoubtedly a worthy option.

Price: $800

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