First Decentralized Eco-friendly Crypto Currency EDRC to Change World of Money for Better


The fast evolving world of crypto currency is reportedly buzzing with the latest launch of first decentralized eco-friendly crypto currency EDRCoin. Developed by Blockchain, the futuristic currency is aimed to change the world of money for better. With its costs based on the value of USA-Dollar rate (1EDRC =$1), EDRC can be deployed for internet shopping, virtual game payments & for the transaction of goods & services in any country.

“We are glad to announce the launch of our latest crypto currency EDRC which is going to add a new positive dimension to the world of money. The advanced decentralized crypto currency is themed on a green mining principle that banks on sustainable energy-efficient policies for generating money”, smiled one of the chief spokespersons from Blockchain.

Esteemed philanthropist & business tycoon Charles Chen is the developer & co-founder of EDRC. The main objective behind EDRC is creation of general-purpose payment system & steady exchange rate, themed on USA-Dollar rate- with due regard to the environment. “While the regular cryptocurrencies unmindfully destroy the earth’s ecology with their mining operations, EDRC is careful about protection of natural resources. Our unique technology takes to utilization of alternate energy like solar panels & we make sure to leave no carbon footprint on Mother Nature.”

EDRC’s eco-friendly operations are carried in collaboration with independent private farms situated in different parts of the globe. 7 percent of the income generated from EDRC system would be utilized for the restoration of mangrove forests in Asia & development of new solar panels. Based of PoS (Proof-of-Stake) method, EDRC uses Skrypt function for hashing. “Our developers have considered the issue of hacking attacks common with POW-based existent digital money & addressed all such flaws with the new advanced EDRC. Our cutting edge crypto currency assures complete credibility & solid protection from any external attack, theft or hacking invasions. To ensure complete security, user’s personal & financial data would be kept private.” explained the Blockchain manager.

EDRC mining is ongoing and would supposedly complete by 31st December, 2017, with the release of around 22 million coins. “As our PoS system capitalizes on the users owning coins to validate the transactions, one transaction per day would be rewarded by an increment of 0.35 percent of the wallet-total. EDRCoins are immaterial & follows a purely mathematical approach that works with digital code.”Speaking further, the manager emphasized on an edgy feature of EDRC that allows seamless number of accounts for creating & mining. Given its decentralized structure & antitrust philosophy, EDRC mining is guarded from artificial increment of cryptocurrency number. The banking system cannot exert any control on EDRC mining & hence can’t affect its value & quantity. “EDRC is the best thing from the contemporary financial world. Join the EDRC community now for a welcome change in the perception of money”, the manager added in.

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  1. The financial system has definitely changed for the better! Blockchain soon revolutionize Internet commerce!

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