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Review: Wileyfox Swift

The Wileyfox Swift is an enter-level budget smartphone which was released in the Middle East market. It has the price tag of around $129 which is quite lower if you compare other variables in this category. It features a powerful camera and there are specifications and customization in abundance which can take on any other budget phone.

But the performance is little sluggish and there is no NFC which is another drawback of this phone. The phone has a smooth black panel or slab above the display and also below it which is giving the classic look of the phone. There is a little place for the earphone jack and the micro USB port on the lower part of the phone.

Wiley 2

The power lock key and the volume key are on the right hand side of the phone’s panel and the jack for the headphone is on the top. The design is pretty simple and traditional. On the back of the chassis of the phone there is logo of the company in the centre and the name written below it.

The camera is little raised and the material which little soft and rubbished gives comfort to the hands of the users and it is also good for the gripping of the phone and there is less chance of dropping the phone. The weight of the phone is another thing to get surprised about as it is only 136-grams.

There is the 2500mAh battery under the rear chassis and the battery is removable. There is support for dual SIM and there is also place for the micro SD card which can be extendable up to 32GB. There are many other features which you can avail in the phone.

The resolution of the phone is 720p and it is more or less a great display and resolution for the budget that his phone has. With the brightness turned on, the screen portrays a great visualization and looks nice too. The Gorilla Glass is there to protect the main LCD display screen from any kind of damage but the glass makes the screen look little hazy and the touch screen becomes little inefficient.

The Wileyfox Swift smartphone is standing on 2 main pillars which are the customizing features and the security of the phone. And these are provided by the Cyanogen 12.1. There is huge control of the users over the OS of the phone and there are various settings which you can alter according to your need and specification.

The 2GB RAM is fairly for the phone but due to so many applications installed in this phone, there are moments where the phone is slowing down massively. The rear camera or the primary camera is of 13MP which is another mind-blowing feature at this price range and the front camera is of 5MP which is like another shocking thing.

The phone comes with a galore of features and customization which takes on the market but the performance is little slow due to the 2GB RAM and so many applications.

Price: $129 approx.

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