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Review: Anki OverDrive Starter Kit

Smartphone games are enough now. You need something that is going to give your driving and car fighting experience a boom. This particular boom is packed in the bundle that you will get while purchasing Anki OverDrive Starter Kit. In the pack, you will get a number of track parts, two cars and some accessories. Just take a look at the bundle and you will understand what is waiting for you.

The game is fully based on AI. You can play the game against the AI or with your friend, too. In either case, you will find that the updated AI robot car is ready to track you and fire on you. You can create 8 different tracks with the 10 track parts that are there in the package. Four track parts are curved, which can be used to give a shift or drift till 90 degrees.


Six track parts are straight, allowing you to connect the different curved tracks and give you the best track support. You will not have to think that the car will not understand the track. It is enabled with such AI integration, that it will understand the track by easy means. With the track, you will get two super cars that have the AI inbuilt in them. With them, you can play against the system or can play with a friend as well.


Each car has weapons to fire. The one with the skull has the support of the Plasma Canon, chain gun and depth charge, whereas the Ground Shock has electro pulse, core invertor and charge beam. So, your agenda is all clear. You will just have to attack. There are three things that you need to check. There are some of the packages that you will have to check out. The first thing that you will get is to four point charges.

You can charge four cars at the same time. There are two riser pieces that are there in the fields. You can put the cards on them to get the right support. The third thing you will have to check out is the tire cleaner. This is the thing that will help you to clean the cards. Anki’s car-racing experience is full of fun when you take it out from box.  It offers excellent set up tracks which are easy to design.

The App surely enriches the experience but when the cars lose their track it’s really difficult to get them back on the track. The Expansions seem to completely confuse the A.I. steering. Still with these notable issues, Anki Overdrive remains to be coolest connected toys till date!

Price: AED 899

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