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Live Video Broadcasting App BIGO LIVE Launches in the UAE

BIGO Live, a social media video streaming app community, has announced that it is now available for download in the UAE. The app is now available for both iOS and Android devices. BIGO, which is an acronym for Before I Get Old, is a free live-streaming video app for iOS and Android mobile devices and allows users to broadcast themselves and capture audiences to share their hobbies and interests spontaneously via live video streaming.

The app has captured a fast-growing audience in the Southeast Asian region particularly among the younger audience, and is gaining popularity in North America, Europe, Russia and the Middle East. Targeted towards the UAE’s young and affluent digitally active social community, BIGO LIVE gives users a real-time platform to find, connect, and share their interests, thoughts, and activity through a feature-rich interface.

The UAE’s has approximately 95% of active social internet users, and a large part of these users make up for a healthy social media community. The increase in broadband speed has allowed for users to move from apps that only support  text and image, to  live-streaming apps to broadcast their day-to-day activity with friends and contacts in real time. BIGO Live appeals to this audience and opens up a world of opportunity to connect with other like-minded individuals.

Major factors contributing to BIGO LIVE’s massive popularity is the core team strength, technology and talent that is reflected via the product itself. A simple registration and sign in process gives users access to a world of live-streaming options. The app is currently being used in a number of ways from enabling celebrities to connect and interact with fans, to allowing individuals to conduct fashion and make-up tutorials, share travel highlights, as well as lifestyle experiences. 

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