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Intel Readying New Chips to Battle AMD Ryzen

Intel is reportedly preparing two new Kaby Lake CPUs in the form of the Core i7-7740K and Core i5-7640K, which will both rock higher clock speeds, but also a higher TDP. The Core i7-7740K will ‘replace’ the Core i7-7700K (because it’s been so long since it was released) and will feature the same 4C/8T goodness from the Kaby Lake architecture, on the 14nm+ process node.  

The purported Core i7-7740K will have a 4.3GHz base clock speed, while boosting up to 4.5GHz – it’ll also have 8MB of L3 cache, and a 112W TDP. The more interesting CPU is the purported Core i5-7640K, which is the first Core i5 CPU on the HEDT platform.

This will be a direct answer to AMD’s threat in the high-end space with their purported Ryzen R7 1800X processor. Intel’s upcoming Core i5-7640K will have 4C/4T on the LGA 2066 socket, 4GHz base clock with 4GHz boost clock, 6MB of L3 cache, and the same 112W as the LGA 1151-based Core i7-7740K.  

We should find out about Intel’s purported new processors in the coming weeks, which we’re sure will launch right after AMD unleashes Ryzen onto the world next month.

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