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Whirlpool Corporation Strengthens its Italian Brand Indesit in the Region


Reporting from Marrakech, Morocco: Whirlpool Corporation, one of the world’s largest household appliance manufacturer,  hosted an exclusive event for its brand Indesit held at La Mamounia Hotel in Marrakesh. The event was part of its strategic plan to strengthen the position of the brand in  the MENA region.

The move also came as a result of the company’s expansion further in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. The Indesit product portfolio offers a full range of modern home appliances of freestanding and the built in cooking Aria range. The product range also includes refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, ovens and microwaves.

The event saw participation from the company’s distributors, channel partners and media members from the MENA region. Review Central was also part of the entourage that saw the company relaunch the Indesit brand in the region.

Mohamad El Yassir, the Regional Managing Director for MEA at Whirlpool Corporation.

Commenting on the event, Mohamad El Yassir, the Regional Managing Director for MEA at Whirlpool Corporation, said, “We are pleased to bring together our partners and distributors to showcase our latest product portfolio from our brand Indesit. This is a testament to our continuous pursuit to expand our brands’ fingerprint further in the region. This event also reaffirms Whirlpool’s commitment to bringing world-class appliances to our consumers. We will continue to raise the bar by delivering intuitive products that cater to the needs and demands of today’s modern consumers.”

During the event, the company showcased their Indesit application “Turn&Cook” which is designed to take the stress out of everyday cooking. The app, which is available for both Android and iOS devices, allows users to simply scan their favourite ingredient. The app then suggests a selection of recipe ideas designed to put flavour on the table.

The event attendees were given the chance to have a hands-on on the premium range of products from Indesit. Products on display included:

Aria Oven: Turn&Cook

The Indesit Aria Oven helps consumers make delicious meals while the easy cleaning solutions give them more time to spend with their family. The Aria oven offers the perfect combination of efficiency, reliability and simplicity to always meet your daily family needs. Thanks to the Turn&Cook function, you can simply get more than 70 recipes tasty and ready by simply turning the knob for the 1 hour Turn&Cook function.

Additionally, the Indesit oven features the exclusive Click&Clean system, which allows you to easily remove the oven door inner glass in just two steps for quick, hassle-free cleaning. Complementing this, the clever Tilting Grill pulls out and downwards to give you better access to the top of the oven cavity, making it easier to wipe away food and fat spits. With up to 71L of capacity, the oven allows you to cook all your favourite eXtra size dishes thanks to its XXL capacity of the dripping pan allowing maxi flexibility.

Aria Microwave

Featuring Double Power Wave technology, the Indesit microwave gives meals twice the attention which improves cooking, reheating and defrosting performance for tastier dishes without pockets of hot and cold spots. The Aria microwave’s new user interface is perfectly aligned with the device, offering smart and easy interaction.

Innex Washing Machine: Push & Wash

With just a single button, the Push & Wash instantly sets the washing program; easy and convenient for anybody, even for those who usually don’t look after such things. The 45 minutes cycle, removes over 20 of the most common stains with a 30°C program allowing you to spend eXtra time with your family instead of doing the laundry. 

eXtra Hygiene Dishwasher

Indesit’s eXtra Hygiene Dishwasher is tailor-made for the lives of busy parents. It features a great range of brilliantly practical features and more room to wash even eXtrasize items in just 1 hour. The new eXtra programme is specially designed for big items, so you can load anything you want and wash it to perfection in just one hour. Additionally, you can take out the dishwasher’s top basket to have 53cm of useful height and fit even the biggest items inside the dishwasher.

eXtra Refrigerator
Indesit’s distinctive design of the eXtra Refrigerator makes  the fridge-freezer adaptable to any kitchen. The inside offers a comfort- oriented aesthetic with transparent compartments that improve visibility and allow you to easily find the food. The New Extra refrigerator by Indesit is great to multitasking, its special Multi Task Zone can be used both as a vegetable box or a bottle container. Also, the eXtra refrigerator offers an improved usability in the freezer compartment thrugh its removable shelves and drawers to allow more space to store large –sized foods.

The entire range of Indesit products are immediately available for purchase through selected retail stores in the MENA region.

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