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BenQ Promises “Theatre-Like Experience” with its new Home Entertainment Projectors

Review Central speaks to Manish Bakshi, the Managing Director of BenQ Middle East  and Turkey about their newly launched home entertainment projectors

Tell us about the newly launched home entertainment projectors.
BenQ is a leading provider of DLP projectors on the market for decades now. We recently announced the launch of two new models in the 4K UHD HDR Projector series – the Cinehome Series W1700 4K HDR home cinema projector and the CinePro Series W11000H. These are the ultimate digital home cinema flagships featuring projector-optimized HDR, and true 8.3 million-pixel 4K UHD performance.

The W1100H projector comes packed with the THX Certification. For eight years running, BenQ’s projectors have earned the distinct position of being consistent top performers in the DLP projectors segment.

BenQ’s DLP projectors feature CinematicColor Technology, a sophisticated colour engine that meets the film industry’s highest standards of cinematic colour accuracy. These projectors bring the same level of sophistication with its true 4K UHD Resolution and enhanced HDR Performance that gives you a cinema-like experience in the comfort of your home.

The W1700 is obviously your hero product for the home segment. How will you be marketing the product?
We will be collaborating with local and regional media outlets for editorial and marketing through channels such as product reviews, social media engagement and so on. We will also be using our very own social media channels to amplify the coverage.

In addition, we are speaking to retailers on the market to demo the W1700 at their outlets, because that is the best way to prove the quality of our products to customers. Since the product is targeted at the home entertainment market, it can also be sold by IT dealers. We are also speaking to home AV dealers since they have a dedicated room for demos of the products and we feel our W1700 will fit right into the space.

What product categories does BenQ focus upon?
Our product portfolio includes projectors, monitors, and PDPs. Gaming is key for BenQ and we are also getting into the vertical and eye care monitors space. These monitors are aimed at designers and photographers. On the projectors side, apart from the home entertainment segment, we are very technologically advanced in the education sector.

We have short-throw projectors that accompany dust resistance technologies. We have a technology called “Dust Guard” in which the  projector engine is sealed in such a way that dust cannot enter into the projector’s internal parts.

Tell us about your professional display panels.
Professional displays are mostly aimed at the education and corporate sector. We are marketing our interactive flat panels into those industry verticals. BenQ is a pioneer in the interactive flat panels space – we currently offer PDPs with display sizes ranging from 55-inches to 86-inches.

Our flat panels come with flicker-free, low blue light, and germ resistant technologies. These panels also come with wireless capabilities and NFC pens. NFC pens are very useful especially in the education sector – say, if there were five teachers coming into a classroom for their classes, they will all have five different login credentials. Unless they use the NFC pen to log into their accounts, no one will be able to access the contents of their account.

What’s the plan ahead with W1700?
Our next launch will be Jarir Bookstore in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We will also be launching the W1700 projector in Turkey, during the third week of February 2018. We will be focusing on UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey to start with, and then slowly launch the product into other regional markets.

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