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BenQ ZOWIE’s RL e-Sport Monitor Series official for PS4

BenQ’ announced the collaboration of their e-sport brand ZOWIE RL e-Sports monitor series with Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe (SIEE) as the licensing partner for PlayStation4 (PS4). This collaboration will help to significantly enhance the e-Sports experience on PS4 as it aims at providing users with lag-free response time and enhanced visibility at gameplay.

The ZOWIE product line has always been dedicated towards the development of innovative and competitive e-Sports equipment that augments the combating performance of gamers. ZOWIE’s e-Sports monitors have been widely adopted by not just professional players but also tournament operators for their lag-free instant response, Color Vibrance technology that provides crucial help to players in distinguishing small targets from their backgrounds for easy tracking, and Black eQualizer technology that enhances the visibility during dark scenes.

BenQ’s ZOWIE RL monitor series includes five models: RL2455, RL2455T, RL2460, RL2755 and RL2755T.

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