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4 Steps for superior night photography with HONOR 9X PRO

Capturing the beauty of the night can be a rewarding but also daunting experience with the challenges of inevitable motion blur, under saturated color and obvious noise that affects the quality of the resulting image. Recognizing that it can be cumbersome and unrealistic for the average user to carry photography kit such as tripods around with them, the HONOR 9X PRO packs an intelligent all-in-one solution, offering AIS Super Night Mode and 4-in-1 light fusion technology to achieve ultra-clear night photos.

Knowing the limitations of photography at night, HONOR engineers revolutionized the traditional image processing process, using a specific AI algorithm to produce vivid yet realistic images. Powered by AIS Super Night Mode, the complex 4-step photo-shooting process takes place in a matter of seconds or less.

Step 1: AI hand-held detection
From the moment the shutter is pressed, the AI-enabled function is triggered to first detect whether the user is taking a picture by hand. Based on machine learning, the HONOR 9X PRO intelligently analyzes the preview image as well as information from the gravity sensor and gyroscope. With an understanding of the user’s photography habits, the HONOR 9X PRO detects whether your photo is taken with a tripod or by hand within a mere 0.2 seconds, doing so with a close-to-perfect 98% accuracy.

Step 2: AI light detection
Adjusting exposure configurations intelligently based on information acquired by scene recognition, HONOR’s advanced AI factors in details such as the distribution of light in the surroundings and the amount of hand jitter. In brighter settings with minimal hand-shakes, the exposure time is shorter with fewer frames, whereas dimly-lit environments and hand jitters will result in lengthened exposure time and more frames. By reaching the desired preset value, the HONOR 9X PRO ensures that the amount of incoming light is sufficient to produce the ideal image.

Step 3: AI processing for utmost clarity
If hand jitters remain an issue once the shot has been taken, the HONOR 9X PRO’s AI image processing filters out blurred images before combining the rest of the image selection by aligning visual elements to form one blur-free shot. The processing capability allows the HONOR 9X PRO to effectively process the large amount of data required to enable top-tier photography at night.

Step 4: Image synthesis
The AI algorithm integrates the “approved” images to one final shot, assessing and adjusting the brightness in each area to make sure the highlight is not overexposed, and that darker regions are kept visible. During the synthesis, discrepancies are detected pixel by pixel, correcting any errors as well as reducing image noise. The HONOR 9X PRO repeats the process tirelessly to produce an optimal image that demonstrates precise detail and exuberant colour, guaranteeing ultimate image quality during a spontaneous photoshoot.

The HONOR 9X PRO also boasts 4-in-1 Light Fusion technology, which promises ultra-clear and bright night photography at 12 MP resolution. The innovative Quad Bayer layout enhances light intake and diminishes image noise. Contrary to the conventional CMOS technology Bayer pixel array seen in typical smartphone cameras, the HONOR 9X PRO combines four pixels intelligently to form 1.6 um-pixel images, effectively improving light sensitivity to provide dazzling photos regardless of the surroundings.

Equipped with a flagship-level 48MP Triple Camera which features all-inclusive lenses that work together to create stunning snaps, the HONOR 9X PRO is designed to capture of every moment. Whether it be a quick shot taken in a dimly-lit background, a scenic wide-angled landscape photo or even a steady video while on-the-go, the outstanding lenses can effortlessly capture every shooting scenario you encounter.

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