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Sony prepares to unveil a compact full-frame mirrorless camera soon

After the recent announcement of the Sony A7SIII mirrorless camera, the company has officially confirmed that they will be unveiling a new concept of a camera on the 15th of September, 2020. The new announcement dubbed “new concept is coming” hints to a new form of a full-frame mirrorless camera that has been rumored for the last few months.

According to Sonyalpharumors, the new camera is going to be a part of the entire A7 series and it is simply called the Sony A7c. The “c” stands for compact series as the new camera features a design that is similar to the A6000 series APS-C bodies. It makes sense to have the “c” name scheming since the A7 series (A7, A7ii, and A7iii) is the regular mirrorless cameras, the A7s (A7s, A7sii, A7siii) are the cameras with more sensitivity and enhanced video recording, and the A7r (A7r, A7rii, A7riii, and A7riv) cameras are meant for higher resolution. Of course, the A9 and A9ii are a league of its own for high-speed photography.

SAR reports that the new compact A7c is specifically meant for vloggers and YouTubers. However, we think that the size of the A7c can be very compelling for photographers who would like to carry a full-frame camera that isn’t heavy and bulky. Recently, SAR was able to grab some images of the A7c, and from the looks of it, the camera will come in an all-black color and a silver-colored model. The looks of the A7c appears to be very similar to the A6600, except for the fact that the rear 3.0-inch display is a fully-articulating touch screen that is also seen on the recently announced A7SIII. It’s also expected that the new menu UI will be similar to that of the A7SIII.


SAR also mentions that the new camera will weigh 509g and the body dimensions are 124 x 71.1 x 59.7mm. The new mirrorless compact camera is expected to feature a 24.2 MP full-frame image sensor and it is said that it’s the same sensor used on the popular A7iii mirrorless full-frame camera. The sensor will be able to perform continuous shots at 10fps.

The small camera is also expected to feature in-body image stabilization, which is very impressive. We aren’t sure if the new camera will have the Sony Active mode where the shakes will be less during video recording. Speaking of video, the A7c is expected to be able to record 4K video at 30fps. If this is true, it can be quite a disappointment, considering the fact that the A7c was planned to be marketed towards the vloggers and YouTubers. And as usual, the camera does feature the NP-FZ100 battery. Other rumored features include a mic-in port, headphone jack, USB Type-C port, WiFi 11 (a/b/g/n/ac), and more. However, unlike the other Sony full-frame cameras, the A7c is rumored to feature only one SD card slot.

SAR reports that the Sony A7c is expected to retail for 2099 Euros (Approx. 9200 AED) for the body-only, and 2399 Euros (Approx. 10,500 AED) with a new collapsible 28-60mm f4-5.6mm pancake zoom lens.

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