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ASUS announces ROG Phone 5, Pro and Ultimate models, powered by Snapdragon 888 SoC and up to 18GB RAM

ASUS has officially announced its latest range of gaming smartphones and has introduced three new models called the ROG Phone 5, the ROG Phone 5 Pro, and the ROG Phone 5 Ultimate. All three smartphones pack the latest Qualcomm chipsets, a massive amount of memory, and more.

The ASUS ROG Phone 5, which is the base model, will have three different configurations and ASUS calls them as A, B, and C configurations. Configuration A comes in either 12GB or 16GB RAM, along with 256GB of internal storage. Configuration B is a modest 8GB RAM/128GB model. and configuration C comes in 8GB RAM/128GB and 12GB RAM/256GB storage configurations. Except for the configuration B/C model, the rest are based on UFS 3.1 storage.

If you think the base model comes in a lot of confusing configurations, the ROG Phone 5 Pro model comes in a single option that includes 16GB LPDDR5 RAM and 512GB internal storage. The Ultimate model pushes the RAM to a whopping 18GB, along with 512GB of internal storage. However, it’s odd that there is no 1TB storage model for the ROG Phone 5 series. All three devices are powered by Snapdragon 888 SoC. The new gaming smartphones run on Android 11 OS and users will get the option to choose between skin options such as the gamer-centric ROG UI or the classic Zen UI.

The new models also feature a unique 6000 mAh battery, where it’s split into two cells. This allows the smartphones to allow the AeroActive Cooler 5 accessory to cool the chipset which is now in the middle and the heat produced also does not reach the user’s fingers. Splitting the battery also brings the charging speed to 65W. Interestingly, the new smartphones also feature two USB Type-C ports, one which is located on the bottom like any other smartphone, and the second port placed on the side of the device. This allows gamers to charge comfortability while they play horizontally.

ASUS brings bigger displays with the ROG Phone 5 series that comes with a large 6.78-inch AMOLED display (manufactured by Samsung). On the contrary, the previous ROG Phone series came with a 6.59-inch display. That said, the screen resolution is 1080p+ and features a high refresh rate of 144Hz. Unfortunately, we aren’t getting the 165Hz mode here as seen on recently announced gaming smartphones. That said, the display is designed to run at 60Hz, 120Hz, and 144Hz modes. Choosing the auto mode switches between these refresh rates depending on the content.

ASUS also mentions that the touch sampling rate goes up to 300Hz, in which the touch latency is 24.3ms. ASUS also mentions that they have shaved off 25% of the bezels, in which the ROG Phone 5 is slightly taller than the previous generation. That said, the ROG Phone 5 series of devices weighs only 238g.

ASUS will be bundling the AeroActive Cooler 5 with the ROG Phone 5 Pro and Ultimate models. The new cooler is able to reduce the surface temperature of the smartphone by 15 degrees and also keep the temps of the chipset lower by 10 degrees. ASUS also included a 3.5mm audio jack, a pair of shoulder buttons, and a kickstand with the AeroActive Cooler 5. The smartphone itself has its own ultrasonic touch-sensitive buttons called the AirTrigger 5.

And if you want a better gaming experience, then there is the ASUS ROG Kunai 3 Gamepad that is fully compatible with the new ROG Phone 5 series. The ASUS Professional Dock offers features such as an HDMI port and multiple USB ports.

The new smartphones feature a 64MP IMX686 with f/1.8 as its aperture as the main shooter, along with a 13MP camera for ultra-wide shots, and another 5MP sensor for macros. The main camera can record 8K videos at 30fps and 4K videos up to 60fps, along with EIS capability. The front-facing camera packs a 24MP selfie snapper. The smartphone itself comes with a 3.5mm audio jack and has the support of ESS Sabre ES9280AC Pro Quad DAC. The amplifier can detect the impedance of the headphones used and switches to the right settings.

There are also the front-facing stereo speakers that are supported by dual Cirrus Logic CS35L45 amplifiers that help to deliver 21% more power to the speakers. Additionally, the ROG Phone 5 also brings support for aptX Adaptive, LDAC, and AAC codecs.

There are still some more differences to be mentioned between the three models. The base ROG Phone 5 comes with a similar RGB backlit ROG logo lighting system as seen on the previous generation, and the Pro/Ultimate models come with touch-based displays on the rear side called the ROG Vision. While the ROG Phone 5 Pro has a color-based PM-OLED display, the ROG Phone 5 Ultimate features a monochrome PM-OLED screen on the rear side for ROG Vision. These rear-facing displays showcase graphics that can be customized for functions such as incoming calls, game loading, charging, and more.

We have yet to know the official availability of the new ROG Phone 5 series in the UAE. However, the new devices are expected to be released later this year. The base ROG Phone 5 models will be priced between 800-1000 Euros (Approx.3500-4400 AED), the ROG Phone 5 Pro for 1200 Euros (Approx. 5400 AED), and the ROG Phone 5 Ultimate for 1300 Euros (Approx. 5700 AED).


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