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Chinese car maker, Jetour lit up Burj Khalifa

Jetour recently lit up the Burj Khalifa in Dubai with its latest models of car; X70PLUS and DASHING along with a theme light show, as the company announced the launch of X70PLUS in the Middle East and the display of its DASHING model is a run up towards the global launch at a later date.

Since the brand is born in 2018, Jetour has been sold its 500,000 cars in over 30 countries relying on the high-quality product and services, resulting in becoming the fastest growing Chinese car brand. Jetour has accelerated its pace to market its cars in overseas markets, and the company has updated its latest range of X70PLUS and DASHING greatly in terms of power, space, interior and configuration. At present, X70PLUS is available in Saudi Arabia and other selected regions, and will be launched in other countries around the world soon. While, Jetour DASHING, the brand-new A-class SUV will complete on the global scale later in the year. With the launch of these two models, company believes that Jetour will be a hot brand of cars worldwide.

Starting from China and aiming for the world, the brand is moving forward firmly with every step in past 4 years to achieve the amazing “Jetour Speed”. Today, Jetour lit up the top of world and shined at the world stage successfully and this not only shows the growth of its brand overseas but also declares its ambition to go global.

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