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New Sennheiser AMBEO Soundbars now available in UAE

Sennheiser announced the availability of its new range of AMBEO Soundbar Mini and AMBEO Soundbar Plus at EROS Group. The new soundbars can transform living spaces into immersive sonic environments, blending cutting-edge technology with elegant design to deliver an unparalleled audio experience.

The AMBEO Soundbar Plus is an impressive advancement from the AMBEO Soundbar Max. It elevates the audio experience with its powerful sound, deeper bass, and expansive soundstage. The Plus model features enhanced drivers and a robust set of amplifiers to deliver fuller, more dynamic audio. Moreover, it introduces improved connectivity options, such as support for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, making it the perfect centrepiece for any advanced home entertainment system. Overall, the AMBEO Soundbar Plus offers a superior listening experience compared to the Soundbar Max.

On the other hand, the AMBEO Soundbar Mini is designed for those who seek a powerful, immersive sound experience without sacrificing space. It features Sennheiser’s proprietary AMBEO virtualization technology, which crafts a 3D audio environment from a compact device, offering up to 7.1.4 sound virtualization. Its advanced self-calibration system, equipped with four built-in microphones, enables the soundbar to optimize audio output by analysing the acoustics of its surroundings, ensuring every listener experiences crystal-clear, precision-tuned sound regardless of room size or shape.

Heston Saldanha, General Manager, Sonova Consumer Hearing (Sennheiser ME), expressed his enthusiasm for the launch: “With the introduction of the AMBEO Soundbar Mini and AMBEO Soundbar Plus, we’re not just releasing two products; we’re inviting listeners to experience sound in a dimension they’ve never imagined possible. Our team has dedicated countless hours to perfecting these soundbars, ensuring they deliver not only superior audio quality but also seamless integration into any home setup. We’re excited to partner with EROS Group to bring this revolutionary listening experience to the Middle East.”

Mohammad Badri, Managing Director of EROS Group, expressed, “We are excited to introduce the AMBEO Soundbar Plus and AMBEO Soundbar Mini to our prestigious lineup at EROS. These innovative offerings from Sennheiser not only elevate every home entertainment setup but also set new standards for audio excellence. Through our exclusive collaboration with Sennheiser, we maintain our commitment to delivering state-of-the-art technology and top-tier products, guaranteeing an unmatched audio experience for our customers.”


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