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ASUS launches the Zenfone

Leon Yu, ASUS Regional Director has announced the availability of the ZenFone Series for Lower Gulf at a press event in Dubai. During the event, Yu introduced the complete ZenFone lineup and the exclusive ASUS ZenUI mobile interface, together with many of its unique features.

Among the premier ASUS ZenUI features is PixelMaster, a camera technology that is an essential part of the ZenFone experience. The exclusive PixelMaster camera technology makes it effortless to capture memorable photos and videos in any lighting condition. The ZenFone Series also features high-performance and power-efficient Intel Atom processors to deliver outstanding mobile experiences.

For the first time, Middle Eastern customers can experience the empowering luxury of the long-anticipated ZenFone, available in a range of sizes and colors. All ZenFone models come with ASUS ZenUI, the all-new mobile user interface with over 1000 enhancements that make ASUS mobile devices even more fun and seamless to use.

The launch of ZenFone in Lower Gulf marks a significant milestone for ASUS. “The strength of ASUS lies in the innovation of all our products. We are looking forward to unveil the phenomenally crafted and affordable luxurious phone in the Middle East and surpass all expectations of our consumers who are always in search of incredible. We look forward to the region joining us in celebrating our brand spirit, and weaving technology into the fabric of our everyday lives,” said Yu.


Joining Regional Director Leon Yu on stage, Intel Regional General Manager, Middle East & North Africa, Taha Khalifa said: “Intel is focused on driving innovation and by partnering with Asus in this region; we are looking forward to the launch of the ZenFone smartphone series. Powered by an Intel Atom processor, we put the needs of our customers first – web pages download fast and users can quickly and seamlessly switch between apps. Gamers can now have realistic 3-D gaming experiences with high definition graphics. Additionally, our processor allows for energy efficiency, so you can talk and play without worrying about battery life! This is a prime example of Intel driving innovation in the smartphone arena, while being a forerunner in merging today’s ‘go’ generation and technology.”

The ZenFone series incorporates beautiful design, high-quality materials and the seamless functionality of ASUS ZenUI to bring empowering luxury to users. Available with screens ranging from 4 to 6 inches and in a variety of striking colors, there is a ZenFone to match anyone’s needs and sense of style. ZenFone 5 & ZenFone 6 models feature Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3 screens for incredible scratch resistance and durability.

Zenfone 5

ZenFone 4 has a gorgeous 4-inch display and is easy to personalize with swappable back covers available in Charcoal Black, Pearl White, Cherry Red, Sky Blue and Solar Yellow colors. It supports Micro SD cards up to 64GB, giving plenty of room to store photos, videos, apps, and more.

ZenFone 5 comes with a spacious 5-inch HD IPS+ display that can even be used while wearing gloves. Its stunning design tapers to just 5.5mm at its thinnest edge. ZenFone 5 is available in Charcoal Black, Pearl White, Cherry Red, Champagne Gold and Twilight Purple colors. It is equipped with an 8-megapixel camera and is complemented with a high performance and power-efficient Intel® Atom™ processors to deliver phenomenal mobile experiences.

ZenFone 6 offers a fantastic 6-inch HD IPS+ display complemented by SonicMaster audio technology to deliver immersive entertainment experiences. It is equipped with a powerful 13-megapixel camera for clear, high-resolution photos. ZenFone 6 is available in Charcoal Black, Pearl White, Cherry Red and Champagne Gold colors.

ZenFone is one of the first ASUS devices to feature ASUS ZenUI, the all-new, exclusive mobile user interface developed around the concepts of freedom, expression and connection. Featuring a new visual design made to be efficient and inviting, it contains modern ‘flat’ icons, vivid color themes, animations, new ringtones and notification sounds, and a clean layout to present information clearly.


ASUS ZenUI also includes two ASUS exclusive apps — What’s Next and Do It Later — designed to free users from actively having to manage the multitude of information they are confronted with daily, and enable them to be more productive. What’s Next puts the information currently most important and useful to the user — such as upcoming appointments, new messages and missed calls from VIP contacts, weather at the next destination, and more — front and center on the lock screen, the home screen and in the notification drawer.

Do It Later frees the user to focus on the task at hand, without forgetting about other important things that they need to do later. If a user is in the middle of writing an email and receives a phone call, a simple button tap automatically creates a reminder to call that person back. Users can also save interesting items, like articles, YouTube videos, or any web page, to read later. Each reminder and saved item is collected in the separate Do It Later app and includes a shortcut to perform the related action, such as call a contact or view a webpage.

Every ZenFone features PixelMaster, an exclusive ASUS camera technology comprising a set of features including Selfie Mode and Depth of Field Mode that improve camera performance and make it easier for users to capture great photos and videos. Two additional PixelMaster features, Low-light Mode and Time Rewind, are also available on ZenFone 5 and ZenFone 6.

Low-light Mode significantly increases camera performance in poorly lit scenes. By merging adjacent pixels, the camera increases light sensitivity by up to 400% and contrast up to 200%, resulting in clear and bright low-light shots without the need for a flash. Electronic Image Stabilizer (EIS) improves low-light performance even further resulting in sharper, non-blurry photos. Low-light mode is also available when shooting video.

Action photography can be challenging due to subject motion, but Time Rewind makes capturing that perfect moment easier. By automatically taking multiple pictures before and after the user presses the shutter button, the chance of getting a great photo of a difficult subject is increased. After taking the photo, the user can “go back in time” using an easy-to-use interface to select the best shot, or can simply choose to save all of the available shots captured by the camera.

Selfie Mode is a new and innovative way to take high-quality self-portraits (‘selfies’). It enables the user to use the high resolution main camera on the back of the phone — instead of the lower resolution front-facing camera — to take and individual selfie or one with a group of friends. The camera automatically detects when the selected number of people is in the frame and begins a countdown before taking three photos. Afterwards, the user can select the best-looking photo to save and share online.

Depth of Field Mode lets the user capture engaging photographs with sharp, isolated subjects set against rich, softly blurred backgrounds — a look known to photographers as shallow depth of field — that is usually only possible with dedicated, high-end cameras.

ZenFone4 is priced at AED 399; ZenFone5 is priced at AED 899; and ZenFone6 is priced at AED 1099.

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