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Review: SanDisk Dual Drive

SanDisk has come up with an easiest and convenient way of transferring files from between your PC and your Android smartphones and tablets. There are many ways to connect your Android devices with your PC, but the most common and the easiest one is to tether your mobile to the PC. SanDisk has now brought a new and innovative concept called the Ultra Dual USB Drive that is meant to be used with Android smartphones and tablets as well as with the PCs.

It is a thumb drive that features with a Micro-B USB 2.0 port at one end and the usual Type A USB 2.0 port at the other end. Both these ports efficiently connects the drive to your smartphone and the PC. Both the ports are protected by sliding plastic shell that retract automatically when you push it to connect to your phone PC.

For the people who need to frequently copy data from their phones or other devices that come with MicroUSB ports to their laptops or computer, the Dual Drive is nothing short of a boon. You can simply copy content from the phone to the drive whenever you want, without once needing to connect to a computer first. Then when you are home, you can copy the data off the disk into your computer.

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One great use of this device is when you are travelling and your phone runs short of memory due to all the photos and videos that are on your phone, simply move them to the pen drive and your phone will have its entire memory free again. It can also be used to transfer large amount of data between two phone directly when you do not have a laptop handy. So anyone who frequently copies data to and from an Android smartphone will love the simplicity of the device.

The Dual drive by SanDisk offers many benefits. It is highly compact, easy to carry and makes data transfer less of a hassle. The drive comes equipped with standard USB as well as Micro USB port. It also features a compact form factor makes it super convenient to carry. It also comes with an inbuilt file manager for more effective data transfer and organization. In addition, it can easily be attached to a keyring or locket for safe keeping.

There are some aspects where this superb product from SanDisk is lacking. Speed issues as well as certain design problems that could have been better. The dual drive comes with USB 2.0 connectivity, which will get the job done but is significantly slower than USB 3.0.  While it is possible to attach the drive to a keyring, the lanyard hole is really tiny. The drive may not fit perfectly on your phone and it may be necessary to remove the cover. This issue varies from phone to phone and may not be something that affects your Android device in particular.

All said and done, if you are on the market for  nifty device that can transfer data from your PC or laptop to your smartphone with ease, the SanDisk Dual Drive could be a good buy. No messy cables to deal with and the device is so tiny that it fits into most pockets.

Price: AED 90 (for 32GB)

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  1. I bought one 32gb sandisk dual drive but it is not working with my lenovo vibe x2 and Samsung galaxy s3.(both the android mobile.what can I do?pl give me a solution.

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