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Review: Alcatel OneTouch Watch

Alcatel has recently come out with its first ever smart watch, which, despite not being a premium device that adheres to latest fashion trends, does boast of some really good features and technology. The company has tried to combine a decent look with an affordable price tag and while it has succeeded in achieving the latter objective to a great extent, the former one needs some more working on.

One Touch provides the circular screen that has until now been provided only in high-end smart watches, and comes with the option of both metal and rubber straps, both of which are non-replaceable. The circular frame is partially enclosed in metal and has a smooth chrome finish to enhance its appeal.

The watch offers a level IP67 rating in terms of water and dust resistance and it is provided with a single physical button to power it on or off. The metal body is restricted only to the top side of the watch, while its rear part is made from cheap plastic that can be quite easily scarred and feels totally out of place.

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The rubber star is really disappointing and is nothing more than a resin band crafted from a stiff dense material that leads to extensive sweating of the wrists. The locking clasp is also quite complex to operate and since the band also doubles up as the charger for the watch, it is actually irreplaceable.

Perhaps the only good thing about the strap is that it is provided with a full size USB jack that can be plugged directly into a charging point eliminating the need to carry any additional wireless chargers. The Alcatel One Touch watch is fitted with the STMicroelectronics STM429 chipset and is powered by a 210mAh that lasts really long.

The screen has an extremely low resolution of 240 x 204 pixels although it is capable of offering decent visibility even in brilliant sunlight. The dial does not display any other number except 12 for checking time and the device is provided with the functionality of a gyroscope, accelerometer, altimeter and a heart rate monitor.

The OneTouch Watch runs on an OS that has been developed in-house by Alcatel and is capable of supporting both iOS and Andriod devices. This is really good news for people who frequently change their phones and are not committed to a particular platform.

There are several built-in apps including the weather app, the music controller, the app for clicking pictures remotely, a compass and a phone locator etc. The watch also offers three basic face designs, two of which are analog and one is digital. Its biggest drawback is perhaps the fact that it does not buzz or light up automatically when any new notifications are received.

Overall, Alcatel One Touch does not completely fulfill the expectations that users might have from a new-age Smart watch. However, with its features and price it is also not a total write off and offers the benefit of being customizable and easy to use with  multiple devices, which proves to be its biggest advantage.

Price: AED 405 approx.

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