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German Professional speaker enters Middle East

High end professional speakers, TW Audio Germany launched its subsidiary to lend more focus on its Middle Eastern operations. The local entity, TW Middle East (TWME) will be based out of UAE and will service the entire Arabian Peninsula including Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Yemen, and also Iran, Lebanon, and Syria.

Dr. Bernhard Wuestner, co-managing partner, TW Audio Germany, said: “The Middle East region constitutes a huge and prosperous market, so we believe there is potential in this region for us to benefit and provide our products to people in this part of the world. The UAE is the central hub for the Arab world financially and economically. It is the place to be, as it is easy to access other countries from Dubai and vice versa.”

“All our speakers have an unmatchable high SPL ratio compared to size and weight. This is a big advantage as it is not practical to carry around big and heavy boxes. In addition, very often the available space for speakers and the working load of ceilings are limited,” said Wuestner.

The company already have two official distributors in the region, Pro Lab in the UAE, and Al Isteklal in Qatar. In a statement, The company is also reaching out to potential distributors in the region to better support its clients and enhance its product and service offering.

Farid Dagher, general manager, TW Audio Middle East, said: “In the Middle East, the pro-audio industry is still in its infancy and is extremely decentralised. In terms of the market as a whole, the size of the pro-audio and pro- visual market accounts for roughly $2.4 billion in the Middle East and is growing rapidly. We are looking at a 15 per cent growth rate per year from now up until the Expo 2020.”

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