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Review: Microsoft Lumia 950

The Microsoft Lumia 950 is Windows Phone-based smartphone which has some cool features and a reasonable price tag to take on its competitors. The brand Microsoft speaks a lot about the quality of the product and the price of the phone is near about $449 which is really competitive considering the features this phone has. You can also buy the phone from other online shopping sites where you can avail further discounts.

The Phone is designed on the similar line of the previous Lumia Phones though it was expected that the device would get a different look from the previous windows phones. The design is not so “massy” but it is plain and simple and looks really sophisticated. There is no navigation buttons on the lower end of the phones and they are placed into the screen only.

There is only a Microsoft logo on the front of the smart-phone and nothing else. The rear cover is made of plastic which is little disappointing and the front of the mobile has a plain glass. The weight of the device is around 150gram and having 8.2mm profile. The exciting thing which makes this mobile look different is the metallic ring around rear camera.

The phone has a display of 5.2 inches with 564ppi that is the pixel density along with the resolution of 2560×1440. The colour quality is really vibrant and there is excellent colour contrasting features which is given by the AMOLED clear Black Panel. The processor of the phone is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor.

There is 3 GB of RAM available in the phone which helps it perform really quickly like all other Lumia devices. There is internal storage of 32 GB but the windows 10 software itself consumes 5GB but there is also extendable memory slot for Micro SD card and you can extend up to 200GB. The back cover is removable and you can easily access the card slot and the battery. There is 3000mAh battery and it takes up charge real quick. There is also Qi wireless charging facility. There is reversible USB port of Type-C.

The battery life of the phone is found to be really good and the company quotes video playback hours of the phone as 10 hours. There are lots of modern day features included in regards to the connectivity of the phone. There is 4.1 Bluetooth device installed, NFC, GPS, 4G LTE and 11ac Wi-Fi.

The camera of the phone is of 20 MP but it is not as huge as you are thinking rather it takes up only a small space on the back of the phone. The coolest feature the phone has is the sensor attached to the camera which is 1/2.4 inch, the aperture is f/1.9 and there is triple-LED Flash. The sound quality is also on the positive side and having one of the loudest speakers.

The phone is a value for money investment as it has some of the coolest features and also quotes a reasonable price for the same.

Price: $449

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