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Review: Quantum Break (Xbox One)

After a long waiting period including various delays, Remedy has finally launched its much awaited game, Quantum Break. The Xbox One version delivers on the promise of providing completely next-gen visuals. The game is extremely unique, as it is an attempt to merge the realms of video games and TV. The hype around Quantum Break created sky high expectations.

However, the game is far from perfect, it has its flaws. The amazing visuals offer an extremely enjoyable gameplay with tons of replay value. However, the TV episodes merely drive the story forward instead of letting the gamer dig deep into the world of the characters.

The game lets us explore the journey of Jack Joyce. The fact that the role has been played by X-men alumni Shawn Ashmore is good news. The story begins with a time travel experiment gone south. Obviously, the protagonist undergoes a change due to the experiment.

The events set in motion bring him to the target list of the evil Monarch Corporation. The TV episodes provide further insights to the plot, but fail to provide at depth to the introduced characters. The plot circles around Jack’s battle with the Monarch Corporation.

The gameplay mechanics in this game are absolutely stunning. The slow motion shots and other visual spectacles are included in abundance. Nothing less was expected of Remedy, the creator of genre defining games like F.E.A.R. and Max Payne. The time traveling experiment gives Jack his time bending powers that he will need to use a lot.

Yes, he can literally stop a bullet in mid-air, move at a rapid pace and take out 10 enemies at once or sprint large distances instantly. However, all these powers don’t undermine the foes as they come in big numbers. Even some boss battles include enemies with powers similar to Jack. The time traveling powers will also be needed to move through some puzzle sections of the game.

However, there are limits to the gameplay. The repetitive level designs and area restrictions prove annoying at times. It cannot be said that the visual appeal is not impressive enough, but a little more depth to area layouts was expected. It is an undeniable fact that some of the action sequences in the game are extremely pleasing.

Taking out a plethora of enemies in an abandoned warehouse by manipulating the string of time is the definition of cool. However, some enemies are downright boring to beat. Its not because they themselves are impossible to beat, but in the way that along with a powerful enemy, you’ll need to face a huge amount of low level goons simultaneously.

In some instances, singular boss battles with a little more difficulty level would’ve proved to be a wiser choice. The final duel is also one of the low points of the game. Another issue with Quantum break is that its a very short experience. 9-11 hours of gameplay is way too less for a game that promises to define an era. However, the good will easily make you forget the bad. Quantum break is a breath of fresh air. It is an experience you will not forget.

Despite its flaws, Quantum Break is more than just a decent game. Calling it a disappointment will be unfair. The experience is not perfect, but an extremely entertaining one nonetheless. Replay value is also not an issue with this game. Overall, Quantum Break is an impressive game.

Price: AED 199

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