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Review: Sony H.ear On Wireless Headset

Sony is a brand that boasts a very wide range of products. Be it laptops, smartphones, TV’s or headphones, Sony features a product range that serves the needs of almost everyone. Talking specifically about headphones, the brand offers affordable as well as premium choices.

Sony h.ear On Wireless Headset is one of the premium kind. Loaded with features every music enthusiast wants, the device is an intriguing choice at the price it is being offered. The over-ear headphones are Bluetooth compatible and also feature digital noise cancellation. The convenient design makes sure that music playback does not hurt the ears.

Despite featuring a total plastic design, the headset looks quite sturdy and tough. Some design elements are similar to the h.ear on wired version. The headband is made up of metal and its interior is heavily padded. Padding protects the ear buds as well. The left ear cup contains the Micro-USB port, power button, the noise cancellation controller button and the socket for the 3.55mm cable.

The right one contains volume controllers and the track control button. The headphones weigh 290 grams, which is quite heavy. However, the weight does not cause any discomfort after a little getting used to. The ears can get warmed up after continuos use as the pads completely cover the ears.

Like other Sony headphones, the h.ear On Wireless Headset also features a foldable design. The headband is a typical one which can be collapsed or expanded to ensure convenient fit. In a nutshell, the h.ear On Wireless Headset looks just fabulous.

The box contains the headphones, a carrying case, a 1.2m cable for wired use and a Micro-USB cable meant for charging purposes. When not using the wireless configuration via Bluetooth, one can simply connect the provided 1.2m cable to a 3.55mm audio jack. The battery is supposed to withstand about 20hrs of continuous music playback.

However, the charging time for the battery is a bummer. It takes at least 5 hours to completely charge the h.ear On Wireless Headset even when the wall socket charger is used. The charging time is greater with a PC. Along with Bluetooth, NFC is also provided for better as well as faster connectivity. LDAC is also present which makes audio transmission a whole lot better.

The sound quality is neat and clear for most of the time. The headset can handle aggressive track pretty well. With and without the cable, the internal amplifier works equally well. The bass levels are elegantly balanced and the bass oriented sonic signature sounds marvelous when powerful and fast paced tracks are played.

However, the h.ear On Wireless Headset is not meant merely for aggressive tracks. Lighter songs like Touch from Daughter sound amazing as well. The audio levels are balanced in a very efficient manner. The bass, the treble as well as the overall sound, everything is pleasing to the ears.

The noise cancellation is simply wonderful. Even in crowded places, the h.ear On Wireless Headset is able to cut out most of the external noise. At the comfort of one’s house, the noise cancellation is simply flawless. Although the h.ear On Wireless Headset matches the level of expectations, the price is a bit high.

Price: $350 approx.

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