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Samsung launches all-new Galaxy Watch Active 2019

Samsung has launched its all-new Galaxy Watch Active 2019 as the latest addition to its innovative line of smart wearables. Doubling as a portable doctor, the new smartwatch enables users to live healthier lives with its unique features and functions that promote a balanced lifestyle, such as the wellness and stress tracker and heart rate monitor.

The Galaxy Watch Active smartwatch features a sleek, high-quality Super AMOLED display with a lightweight design and a smart user interface that makes it easy for users to access applications and notifications seamlessly. Users can also select from a variety of customizable watch faces that combine style and sensibility, making it an ideal fitness partner suitable to all user preferences to help in achieving their fitness goals.

Everyday wellness is about more than just fitness tracking. Galaxy Watch Active takes a holistic approach to monitoring everything that matters most. Its exercise, sleep, stress and health tracking features make Galaxy Watch Active a personal lifestyle coach for those seeking a healthier body and mind. It combines the best of the Galaxy heritage with improved fitness and wellbeing features.

Samsung takes health and fitness tracking to the next level with its attention to detail. The Galaxy Watch Active’s wellness tracker can track 4 stages of a user’s sleep as well as guide them through a meditation session. The new smartwatch also brings users everyday peace of mind with its Stress Tracker feature, which helps users manage their stress levels and keep them in check to guide them towards long-term health. Users can start breathing exercises to bring them back in balance directly from the stress widget.  The Galaxy Watch Active’s health tracker checks a user’s heartrate 24/7 and sends an alert when an abnormally high heartrate is detected while resting.

The smartwatch also allows for easy fitness tracking. Galaxy Watch Active keeps up with users by auto-detecting when they run, bike, row, use the elliptical trainer, or start a dynamic workout. Users can also manually engage in more than 39 activities, set daily goals and monitor their progress.

Galaxy Watch Active enriches users’ lifestyles and expands their connected experience through seamless integration across the Galaxy ecosystem. Galaxy Watch Active is compatible with Android and iOS. Users can also use their voice to control Galaxy Watch Active with Bixby’s voice capabilities which enable them to make calls or send messages without ever picking up their phone. The smartwatch is also water and dust resistant and features Wireless Power Share charging.

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